How dfsdfsdfsd To Write A Research Essay?

How to write a research paper? This question has many answers. Every student has his/her own strategy for creating a masterpiece. However, there are several rules that you should keep in mind while thinking about how to start a research paper. This page is written with the purpose to enrich your understanding with the essentials of creating an outstanding research essay that gets the highest points!

  1. Topic choice - this is the first and probably the most important step of research essay writing. Your topic should be interesting, relevant, and researchable. Researchable means that you should be able to find enough supportive information for your points.
  2. Preliminary research - once you have chosen the topic, you need to conduct a preliminary research on the issues. Based on the information you discover, you need to write down basic points or interesting ideas you may want to cover in your writing
  3. Outline - now you have a list of ideas and subtopics. Your next step is to -anize your ideas in a logical format, adding comments, thinking about the presentation and flow of ideas
  4. Thorough research - taking your outline, you need to start a more thorough research, making notes about authors (referencing data) and writing down the ideas you want to borrow from those authors. It is very important to include page numbers as well.
  5. Drafting - your task is to turn your notes in a logically--anized essay. The first draft may be dis-anized, however, you will polish it during the next step
  6. Editing - this is the final step of research essay writing. Your task is to edit your writing, to correct all grammar mistakes, to add headings for sections, and to make your essay as perfect as possible.

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